Pikashow Latest APK For Android Download Free

About Pikashow TV

We have shared the latest APK of Pikashow TV on this page and free download links are available for download. By using the Pikashow app, you can enjoy your favorite TV programs on PC. Pikasow TV APK For Android is an application, which allows its users to watch the life and recorded television feeds of the entire Polish TV stations, starting from the ZLV channel.

This is a very useful application for a person living in Poland, as all the channels available on the TV stations will be in English or Polish. The Z LV channels are exclusively available for people of Polish nationality, no other nationality will be denied access to these channels. The application has been created by a group of young students, who are continuously working on it to improve it and make it more convenient to use.


The software is easy to operate and does not require any complicated setup process. Just download it onto your PC, connect to the Internet using a high-speed connection and you can start watching the videos. The video players support all the latest video formats and also feature a very unique thumbnail view, where you get to see the first few seconds of the video before the video has been viewed. The videos are available in high definition and are very clear so that you do not miss out on any important part of the video.


You can enjoy sports events on your Android phones. The main feature of Pikashow TV APK For Android is that all the videos are constantly updated. Therefore, you never miss out on any important moment of any show. Apart from that, there are various other features of the application, which enable you to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi. The application uses the WAP technology and therefore; you do not have to register anything on any website. Once you have registered yourself, you can access the Internet freely, whenever you want.


Pikasow TV has added several news channels, so you can watch it without buffering. The Pikashow TV can be used to watch and record three channels of the DTH service. Apart from that, there are other interesting applications, which are completely free to download. For example, you can use the applications to know the details about your favorite channels.



Live tv applications are completely free and do not require any kind of server support. You can also use them to record your favorite shows and movies and to share them with your friends. In fact, you can also earn money with Pikashow TV. It is a completely free application and if you download it, you will automatically start earning money.


The money can be earned by simply participating in the audience poll, which is available on most of the websites where the app is being hosted. If your views are popular, you can be paid a certain amount of money every month.

Pikasow TV IPL Live

If you are looking for the latest app to watch IPL live, then Pikashow TV is the best choice. The app has several channels that are broadcasting IPL live in HD and SD quality. You can play videos in different qualities depending on your internet speed. Sometimes the app servers are going down due to high load. So you don’t need to uninstall the app. The Pikashow TV has many advanced features that make it extremely useful.

For example, you can use it to find the name of your favorite channel on the air, and you can even add channels, which you like to the list. In this way, you can keep track of the number of favorite channels, and you can check out what people are talking about. This application also allows people to rate movies and shows. These ratings can help you decide whether the movie or show is worth watching.

User-Friendly Interface

Pikashow TV also offers an application that helps people organize their data. If you are familiar with Google Now, you can use it to quickly organize all your information on your device. If you have installed this application, you can use it to remind you to add a contact to your social network, to remind you to add a product to your shopping cart, to remind you to log in to a website, and so on. Thus, this application is a very useful one for those who want to be productive with their smartphones.

Pikashow TV Update

Pikashow update has been recently relaeased and you can get it from here. In the latest update there are several bugs and issues fixed by the developers. If you have other issues about the app, then kindly contact us. 

Pikashow TV has been created by a company called Labytou and is an excellent alternative to cable television. If you have not yet checked it out, you should immediately do so. After all, it is free and it could change the way you view television forever.

As a business alternative, you should really invest in it, because it can increase your profits. You will not regret it at any cost.